Music To My Ears

Labor Day weekend back in 2002 a few friends and I traveled from NYC to Senatobia, Mississippi for what would be Othar Turner ‘s last Picnic. He started the tradition in the 50s as a family gathering but it eventually grew into a festival of sorts. They sold beer, played blues on his porch/makeshift stage and served goat sandwiches. I’ve always treasured that memory and I’ve always wanted to try my hand at goat but I was afraid that it might not be well received, but it’s worth a shot.

Goat can tend to be tough so it is best braised. I simmered it slowly in chicken stock, red wine and tomato paste. The biggest problem with goat is that it has numerous tiny bones that need to be meticulously removed, but after all that work you have some amazing meat. Instead of sandwiches I decided to make pasta, the perfect vessel for any braised meat and its resulting liquid. I cut it into pappardelle by hand using a pizza cutter. I love the wide noodle and the way it holds up to a powerful dish like this. I finished it with chopped baby kale, fresh heirloom cherry tomatoes and a fresh grating of Romano cheese.

I’ve been trying to find interesting ways to use Kracken rum while the weather is still warm. I wanted to make a refreshing tropical-style cocktail using tamarind and pineapple juices, and when combined with the rum it was nice but not quite good enough. After checking the spice pantry I decided Chinese 5 spice powder was exactly what it needed. Add a splash of fresh lime juice and club soda to brighten and lighten and you have a delicious Tamarind Punch!







Our other specials this week are:

Prosciutto Flatbread with a roasted garlic white sauce, provolone and fresh baby arugula

Sauteed Pea Vines

Curried Lentil Soup

Salted Peanut Milkshake (SOOO GOOD!!)

Starting this Friday we will offer Orange Honey Pancakes with Honey Butter, Plums on our French toast and a Spinach, Tomato and Swiss Frittata.

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