Street Style

I’m a big fan of street food. To be honest, as a “brick and mortar” business I’m supposed to be against the food truck, but I dig their style.

There’s a food truck that started out of LA that popularized the ultimate fusion – Korean tacos. I made my first attempt at them while offering my spring rolls a few weeks back, They were a big hit with my staff.

So, I replicated them down to the T. I used slow roasted pork belly that I crisped in a pan. After draining off any excess fat I toss it in a kalbi ┬ámarinade made with soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, scallions a combination of cider and champagne vinegar to help cut through the fat. After filling fresh corn tortillas with the meat mixture I topped them with my own pickled ginger and a sweet and spicy chili sauce made with gojuchang. As an accompaniment and added texture I garnished the plate with a slaw made with savoy cabbage, scallions and julienned carrot that I dressed with a cilantro aioli. Even though it isn’t traditional by any means it really accentuates the dish!

I was also playing around last week with the peach compote that we had on hand for the French toast topping. It reminded me of the popular belinis that we used to serve at a restaurant that I worked at in NYC. To make my own little twist I caramelized sugar by cooking it down in water and then adding frozen peaches and allowed the mixture to simmer until they released their liquid. The caramelization of sugar is actually a chemical process that inverts its properties, which not only gives it a new flavor but it is also makes it less sweet than the original ingredient. I used this as the base for my belini, but instead of a tiny champagne glass I decided to go big and fill up a red wine glass with it!

Korean Tacos

Peach Belini










Our other specials this week are:

Salmon Flatbread with Havarti cheese, capers, cream cheese and dill

Sauteed Brussel Sprouts

Nutella and Marshmallow Milkshake with the option to add whipped cream vodka

This week’s Milkshake Menu choices are:

Banana Caramel


Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

Chai Latte

Chocolate Brownie (even more popular now than when it was a special!)

Starting this Friday we will offer Banana Pancakes with Peanut Butter and a Cinnamon Apples on our French toast

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